Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hummingbirds & Hurricanes

Just an observation: Hummingbirds haven’t visited my feeder all summer. I’ve been bad and not filling it. Today they have visited twice & made it clear they were annoyed with me for it being empty. They hovered, they dive bombed, they gave me the evil flutter. You get the picture. Then they flew over to my neighbor’s Cannas. It occurred to me that most if their natural food source has been destroyed with the storm.
A friend told me about a hummingbird at her house that kept battling the storm to try and get to their feeder. Every time he got close, the wind would blow him away. Her Dad took pity on the poor thing & moved the feeder to an alcove protected from the storm. He was a happy little dinner guest, there for the whole storm.
So people, if you can, feed the hummingbirds. Here is a link to a simple nectar recipe. I make mine in the microwave WITHOUT the red food coloring and they like it just fine.

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